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Welcome to the Angels of Carnage Website! We Hope you have a good time looking around, and if you are interested in joining our ranks and Kicking Ass/Taking Names then please feel free to apply.

    Here is a little information about our guild. We originated on a low population server and transferred to Zul'jin to try our luck here. We have found there are alot of FUN and experienced players that we enjoy playing with on Zul'jin. We have been together a little over two years and we are still going strong. We love to raid new and old content for gear upgrades and transmog. We run dungeons, heroic scenerios, etc. as a guild for guild achievements. Angels of Carnage was built by a vetren player and has knowledgeable officers and raid leaders to lead our guild to sucess. Angels of Carnage has mostly adult players, but we do have some younger as well as muture players. We hope to see ya on the battlegrounds and joining our ranks. Thank you for visiting us!
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